Earth Friendly E-Commerce

Consumer purchases are wasteful. Materials have to come from somewhere and they have to be extracted from there. They then go through all sorts of processing just to get assembled. Then packaging is added. Then they are shipped somewhere.

E-commerce has become a major convenience in our consumer lives, but has brought with it new kinds of waste. Impulse buying happens at the click of a mouse. Millions of single-item orders are wrapped every day, delivered personally by a carrier to a doorstep.

But e-commerce has the potential to increase efficiency. When you order online, you do not drive to a store. In a sense, the store drives to you, in a big truck that holds dozens of items for dozens of people. But the worst offense is the packaging. Here is what we are doing to minimize the environmental impact of our packaging:


We use a mailer that is a cross between a box and an envelope. It is made of a stiff, water-resistant paperboard. It is made out of 100% recycled paper (70% post-consumer waste) and is naturally biodegradable. You can put your mailers in your home compost pile, municipal compost bin, or recycle bin. If you do decide to compost it, make sure to remove the labels first (see next section).


We use labels that are 100% recyclable, but they are not compostable. Even the adhesive is recycle-compatible. They are made of 100% recycled material (100% post-consumer waste). The labels are PCF (Processed Chlorine Free). If you composer your mailer, please remember to remove the label first.

Tissue Paper

We use tissue paper to pad and protect your items in the mail. The tissue paper is 100% recycled material (20% post-consumer waste). It is FSC Certified Chlorine-free, acid-free, and pH neutral. It is 100% recyclable.

The mailers, labels, and tissue paper are all made in the USA.