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Junu Jungle

100% Hemp Tea Towel

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Environmentally sustainable and hand-sewn in Los Angeles, this towel is softer and more absorbent than traditional cotton towels, and it becomes softer with every wash.

Hemp fabric is made of long, hollow fibers that are extremely strong and absorbent. They soak up liquids and dry quickly. Hemp fabric even has natural anti-bacterial properties and is resistant to mildew.

In addition to its wonders as a fabric, the hemp plant, Cannabis sativa, is agriculturally sustainable. It requires little to no irrigation, no herbicides, and no pesticides. Compare this to cotton, which uses 2.5% of agricultural land, but 16% of the world's insecticides.

The hemp plant is also a soil builder, after a growing season, the ground is even more fertile than it was before the plant was grown, making crop rotation unnecessary. Agricultural hemp does not contribute to the world's problem of desertification.


Made in the USA with fabric from Poland

Care Instructions

These 100% hemp towels can take the heat. A cold water wash is typically good enough, and a good way to conserve energy, but a hot water wash will be more effective at removing difficult stains. Any normal detergent will work well. Hemp fabric should not be bleached, the bleach can damage the fibers and shorten the life of the material.