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Junu Jungle

Lotus, 100% Hemp Tea Towel

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This is a 100% Hemp tea towel with a lotus print. The lotus flower is a common motif in Indian culture, representing the divine in human nature. The lotus plant has a large distribution across India and Southeast Asia. The lotus seeds have been an important food crop for thousands of years. It is the national flower of India and Vietnam.

Ethically and environmentally sustainable, hand-sewn and block printed in Los Angeles, this towel is softer and more absorbent than traditional cotton towels, and it becomes softer with every wash.

These towels make fantastic conversation starters when displayed on an oven handle, refrigerator door handle, or underneath serving dishes at the table. Hemp fabric is made of long, hollow fibers that are extremely strong and absorbent. They soak up liquids and dry quickly. Hemp fabric even has natural anti-bacterial properties and is resistant to mildew.

Since the towels are block printed by hand, there will be natural variations from towel to towel in placement and ink coverage. These variations make each towel unique, reflecting its artisan nature.