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Valley Oak Leaf, 100% Hemp Tea Towel

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The Valley Oak is the largest of California Oaks. They are easily identified by their classically lobed leaves. They are found throughout the interior valleys of California where streams are rare and the water table can be quite deep. Their immense size attests to their ability to reach deep into the water table and reintroduce thousands of gallons of water annually into local water cycles, essentially acting as a natural well-pump. They are host to over 150 butterflies and moths and an important food provider for Scrub-Jays.

Ethically and environmentally sustainable, hand-sewn and block printed in Los Angeles, this towel is softer and more absorbent than traditional cotton towels, and it becomes softer with every wash.

These towels make fantastic conversation starters when displayed on an oven handle, refrigerator door handle, or underneath serving dishes at the table. Hemp fabric is made of long, hollow fibers that are extremely strong and absorbent. They soak up liquids and dry quickly. Hemp fabric even has natural anti-bacterial properties and is resistant to mildew.

Since the towels are block printed by hand, there will be natural variations from towel to towel in placement and ink coverage. These variations make each towel unique, reflecting its artisan nature.


Made in the USA with fabric from Poland

Care Instructions

These 100% hemp towels can take the heat. A cold water wash is typically good enough, and a good way to conserve energy, but a hot water wash will be more effective at removing difficult stains. Any normal detergent will work well. Hemp fabric should not be bleached, the bleach can damage the fibers and shorten the life of the material.