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Junu Jungle

100% Hemp Throw Pillow Covers

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 Refresh your home with the natural texture and beauty of hemp fabric. This pillow cover is soft and luxurious. Not only that, it becomes softer with every wash. This pillow cover will resist damage and staining. 

Although these pillow covers are easily removed and washed, hemp fabric is not prone to staining. Hemp fabric is naturally antibacterial. It resists mold and as a natural fiber is considered “allergy-friendly.”

Hemp is a sustainable, plant-fiber fabric. Hemp plants require little water, no herbicides, and no pesticides. Hemp actually regenerates soil by returning nutrients to the soil as it grows. With a hemp pillow cover adorning your home, rest easy knowing your purchase is earth-friendly.


Made in the USA with fabric from Poland

Care Instructions

These 100% hemp pillow covers can take the heat. A cold water wash is typically good enough, and a good way to conserve energy, but a hot water wash will be more effective at removing difficult stains. Any normal detergent will work well. Hemp fabric should not be bleached, the bleach can damage the fibers and shorten the life of the material.